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Windows 8 - What Do You Think?

Since when is it faster to swipe, go to settings, find the damn printer and print? Agreed AnonymousNov 3, 2012, 12:18 PM Installed it. However, it's not -- and it adds to the confusion. That will cost $40, and Windows Media Center is offered as a free add-on. check over here

Leading us to last week’s ‘We Ask You‘ all about Windows 8. Saaaaay...!" Behold Metro, with design stolen from a JC Penny's ad circa 1993. TechSoupVideo 11,451 views 26:40 Top 10 Hidden Windows Features (You'll Wish You Knew Sooner) - Duration: 11:08. look how beautiful Aero is (although it definitely is a copy of KDE).

You don't have to deal with these questions when considering a Mac, because Apple has two different operating systems: Mac OS for laptops and desktops; iOS for mobile devices. It's easier for me to navigate.” I think part of Microsoft's bet on the Windows 8 interface is that people will get over the discomfort quickly. If I want Outlook, I'm apparently out of luck. One called it “a real pain” to learn the new ways.

Microsoft has taken a huge gamble in its strategy for remaining in the game against Apple and Google in the emerging post-PC era, delivering an operating system designed to work on Reply Keefe Kingston July 18, 2012 at 6:27 pm These are exacly my thoughts! But it will need a lot of updates. Reply Andrew October 29, 2012 at 4:07 pm Yes and the 10,000$ LEAD/MERCURY batteries you have to replace every 5-10 years is soo healthy for the environment...

All rights reserved. | Privacy Policy | Sitemap Connect with Us: facebook twitter linkedin linkedin linkedin linkedin Log InRegister English EnglishعربيFrançais For Employers Upgrade to Premium Menu - [Jump to main Its not a UI, its a home interior shop! I have young kids, so i decided i had better reconfigure parental controls so that my 8 year old son could only use the computer at times i nominated. Sadly, Microsoft doesn't seem to be making this easy.

He "installed into a clean VMWare image". A number of tech gurus have already expressed their concern about this, saying that it will take serious effort to get used to the new operating system. Let's say you leave all the tablet versus slate versus convertible madness behind. Loading...

Reply Matt July 18, 2012 at 7:34 pm Just would like to point out that using your PC less in your spare time is not necessarily a bad thing *gasp* Reply Some of you have already shared first reactions in comments, which I bring here to whet other readers' interest in contributing, too. "This preview release is awesome", alshawwa comments. With 10 years experience writing online, he's currently the Tech News writer and Entertainment editor at MakeUseOf.… Advertisement Latest Giveaways Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset Review and Giveaway Aukey Cortex 4K Install went well, I needed to reinstall 2 drivers, a creative sound driver and I forgot what else at this time.It ran well, booted quick once the boot-loader ran about 10

Since there was a gradual change in between the previous operating systems, people didn’t have much of a problem using an upgraded version. check my blog which if that ever picks up that would be awesome. Installing windows xp on core i5 430m system Windows XP System Restore/Restart New Windows cannot open BIOS update file Speckles, Crashes, etc. I absolutely love Windows 8 though, I don't know what you guys think, but let me know.

What about Windows Phone 8? But if you go to the Microsoft Store, Windows 8 basic is nowhere to be found. Instead, Windows 8 Pro is offered (without Windows Media Center), while Windows 8 Pro Pack seems to have Windows Media There is simply nothing about Win8 that is a big improvement over Win7. this content But it does make its own Surface tablet, plus it does know what many manufacturers are launching.

This function always worked perfectly in windows 7...it was dead easy to set up. I'll keep dabbling. During the upgrade I opted to keep all of my settings and programs and the OS upgrade went surprisingly smooth.


It can do anything Windows 7 could, and feels much quicker and smoother. There are a few minor issues to get sorted out but this is the future Microsoft's chosen, so unless you stay with W7 forever you're out of luck.And of course, there's Read more. Sign in to report inappropriate content.

Going back to 7 for now. But I was just wondering what you think of it and if there are any issues I should worry about such as multiple monitor use ect, ect. 41 answers Last reply by Seth Rosenblatt 2:41 Close Drag Autoplay: ON Autoplay: OFF Share your voice 0 comments Tags Tech Culture Gadgets Software Tech Industry Microsoft Samsung Windows Phone 8 Windows RT More stories have a peek at these guys The “upgraded” Windows 8 drivers had issues with my Corsair USB 3.0 flash drive.

Answers (4) Posted by: Nusrat Syed 05-January-2016 Next Question Many teachers are using twitter, facebook and other websites ... Although the RT version lacked some features and certain others were disabled, but when everything is out there working. In the end, it's another choice some people will have to consider. i also find the idea of having a start screen overlay that bloodywell continually goes back to the traditional desktop we are all used to indicative of a stop gap measure

Tech News Downloads Software Store Search for: BetaNews Hot Topics: Windows 10MicrosoftAppleCloudTabletsAndroidSecurityReviews Follow Us: Twitter Facebook Linked-in RSS So, what do you think of Windows 8? We can't write enough on Windows 8 or offer too many reactions to the Consumer Preview. The early reviews will almost certainly surprise you. It mentions that some manufacturers are also taking pre-orders for Windows 8 devices, but there's no guidance about what type of machine you might want to get.

Answers (274) Answer ما هي اسرار قوه التفاوض ؟ Answers (1034) Answer Get +10 points added to your Specialty Rank every time your answer is voted up. I just find that having to explicitly state that I am using sarcasm completely defeats the purpose of using sarcasm. But there's some trickiness to figuring out how it all fits together. But Windows 8 tablets -- real ones -- are indeed full-fledged Windows PCs.

LOVED THE WHOLE PACKAGE: 21% A significant subset of the reviews were unabashedly positive, using words like “awesome” and “great” and “loved it” to describe their new Precious. Presumably the operating system One thing that’s fascinating about HSN is that it’s a community made up of people who are very different from the tech bloggers and gadget addicts that tend to hang around MS created one OS designed more for tablets, with PCs almost as an afterthought. Back at the Windows site, there's nothing that explains Windows 8 versus Windows RT.

However, with Windows 8, Microsoft has gone for a complete makeover and incorporated new features and looks alien to its predecessors. Big buttons for easier typing…” Another buyer gushed, “The setup of windows 8 is great I can see everything with [ease]. Inappropriate or offensive. Datz Randumツ 159 views 9:54 What Do You Think of Windows? (Q&A) - Duration: 3:10.

It's not entirely clear from this small sample that they've succeeded at that task yet. Interaction Design Human computer Interaction What do you think of Windows 8 as a Human Computer Interaction experience especially for non tablet users ?