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You don't create the report directly from the Performance Monitor. On days there are failures, you'll see red icons, divided into rows by type of failure -- application, Windows or miscellaneous (hardware, drivers, etc.). In another, a woman in hot pants touts a... Vote for this package Thanks for your vote Score: 3 | votes (0) | comments (0) | 9/21/2015 | v Sparrow.Chart.WP8 Sparrow Toolkit a set of Data Visualization controls(Chart, Gauge,BulletGraph http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-8/windows-8-consumer-preview-performance.html

For example, the Memory tab shows, in addition to what programs and services are using memory, how much memory is currently used, cached, reserved for hardware and so on. The Task Manager offers some solid help. possibly transformational . Note that most of the information that the Resource Monitor displays is also shown in the Task Manager, another built-in performance tool we'll cover later in this article.

How To Speed Up Windows 8 Laptop

In the side by side comparison view below, the upper bound of the left-hand network utilization scale is 100 kbps. Apparently, it is something unique about our app. the Windows Backup program for it.

Troubleshoot sluggishness with the Resource Monitor A little-known tool called the Resource Monitor does a very good job of tracking down performance problems and fixing them. in Graphic Cards Hello, I'm CrazyKilla I have a GTX 780 ti and from most of the things I hear "there's nothing out there such high end cards cannot run". If you want to quickly check out the most expensive events in your session, you can do so by changing the sort type to Duration from Start time. How To Optimize Windows 8 For Gaming Thinking that it may be some other technology that we are using within the app (Unity, Prism, SignalR, etc.), I just went through and stripped everything out of it.

Unfortunately, its main interface is almost impossible to decipher. How To Speed Up Windows 8.1 Laptop Tip: You can change the resource utilization units for memory, disk, and network from raw values to % by right clicking on the heat map: Once you get used to the Currently, only Disk I/O is computed in I/O. Windows 8 Task Manager: Processes Tab (default view when expanded) – (Click/Tap to enlarge) On the Processes tab, there are two primary components of the UI: Running processes (left side) and

Using the Task Manager's Startup tab, you can prevent programs from launching when Windows starts up. How To Make Windows 8 Faster For Gaming The Task Manager is a great tool for these tasks, and it’s always just a couple clicks away. You'll usually very quickly find out information about the item, including its purpose and advice on whether it's safe. Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy & Cookies

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How To Speed Up Windows 8.1 Laptop

E.g.: Can a library generate additional Events, or are they hardcoded by the VS/WPF/BCL-Team? 2 years ago Reply Harikrishna Menon @MtVernonCannibisFarms: I'm not sure if I get your question. In the example above, you can see that Layout event consumes the largest block of time. How To Speed Up Windows 8 Laptop Much appreciated in the WPF community. Windows 8 Performance Tweaks If any are, you know you've got a problem, and you know the general category of problem.

you might buy a so-called continuous plotter which can only print up to 3.2 m. Have you brainstormed how Roslyn can augment WPF development? 2 years ago Reply MtVernonCannibisFarms @HariKrishna re: "I'm not sure if I get your question." sorry , I was hoping for direction Application Code: The Application Timeline tool can be used in conjunction with the CPU Usage tool. Buffooning yourself: Are you jargoning and acronyming your audience to death? How To Optimize Windows 8 For Better Performance

I've rounded up my favorite tips for doing system analysis, troubleshooting and fixing any problems you find, and in general speeding things up. Resolution 1024*768 Full HD 1920*1080 or higher The optimum resolution for the SEMA programs depends on the size of the monitor (see also "Recommendations for laptops"). Tablets in CAD In CAD, a tablet cannot replace a full-scale computer (desktop or laptop). Redone for Windows 8, the Task Manager has a more comprehensive set of tools and information than the Resource Monitor.

The details view and the graphs will update based on the thread you have selected. How To Speed Up Windows 8 Laptop For Gaming Pay attention to the details of each crash and failure. Where should I post/send it? 2 years ago Reply Harikrishna Menon @Brian: Can you send this to [email protected]? 2 years ago Reply BkBroughton @Hari: I just sent you the project.

I am running in CTP6 on Win8.1 and my .NET 4.5 project.

The display in each tab varies according to what's most useful. Details View The details view is where you will be spending most of your time analyzing the report. We will adding the ability for you to inspect each individual UI thread at a time. How To Speed Up Windows 8 Laptop Performance Disable visual effects in Windows 10/8 To start: 1.

On the client side, you need at least Windows7 or higher with an up-to-date RDC (Remote Desktop Client), i.e. 6.0 or higher. Why you should start using Google Keep right away Say goodbye to the MS-DOS command prompt Newsletters Sign up and receive the latest news, reviews and trends on your favorite technology In the included video (see bottom of post) I’ll show a whole bunch of cool tricks and time saving features in the Windows 8 Task Manager, be sure to watch it! It lets you scroll through your problems more quickly than in the normal view, because they're in a long, vertical list.

For example, the CPU tab shows all the apps and services using the CPU, with a running average of CPU use for each app and service. Performance Tab The Performance tab got a major overhaul for Windows 8, and it’s got some really powerful new capabilities! Interfaces USB 2.0 USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 The program is delivered with a copy protection (dongle) which is best used with a USB interface. We’re excited to announce that we have built a new Application Timeline tool which is a replacement for the existing XAML UI Responsiveness tool that supports WPF applications in Visual Studio

VMD supports computers running MacOS X, Unix, or Windows, is distributed free of charge, and includes source code. (more details...) Spotlight VMD takes advantage of inexpensive game technologies, graphics boards and This key requires a free port/interface. Streamline startup A common cause of system slowdowns is programs that load unnecessarily at startup and bog down your system. On tablets with Nvidia Tegra or ARM processors, the SEMA programs do not work!

On the left-hand side of the new performance view live mini-graph views are shown for each performance metric, and on the right-hand side you see a detail graph for the selected Apps are sorted out at the top, making it easy to find, monitor, and manage apps without having to scan all processes and scroll through many items as you had to But over the years Windows has gotten much better at automating many of those tasks. This enables you to co-relate excessive App Code execution (observed on the UI Thread utilization graph) to user code that was executed during that time period.

In Windows 8, generally the best way to improve performance and know what's going on in your system is to use Windows' built-in tools, including the Resource Monitor, the Task Manager Look for patterns, such as if the same application frequently crashes. From time to time we will inform you about the latest news around SEMA. Instead, from the Start screen type perfmon /report and click the "perfmn /report" icon that appears on the left. (Note that you might need Administrator rights to your PC to run

If it finds any, those will be at the very beginning of the report.