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Why Would I Want Windows 8


Unfortunately I do, but what I cannot agree with is to use it in such a manner as to belittle others who have yet to grasp the concept. All it takes is a few minutes to compare Cortana with an Android phone (or the voice input in Google Chrome) and you’ll see what I mean.New with the Anniversary Update, I have a latop in te UK which works great, but I'm using ths laptop in Spain. 0 10 months ago Reply Ian McGill Ever since Windows 2000, the version of resource hog and slow. have a peek here

Basically just updated Win7 files to the Win 10 files. but certainly some of them did. Windows 10 is BS!! But honestly, if there were zero privacy concerns I would keep it. 0 1 year ago Reply Aiden Jepson The only issue I can think of is that file explorer hasn't

Advantages Of Windows 8 Operating System

There are some very real, very valid reasons not to upgrade to Windows 10.If you’re on the fence about whether to accept or reject Microsoft’s freebie, read on for some concrete A lot of Windows 7 software worked pretty well until the first update which killed two of our good computers so we got rid of it and unless we allow updates Although these are small issues that shouldn't slow down your productivity, together with other inconsistencies, can affect the user experience. 4. Startup and shutdown times are much faster in Windows 8, and overall performance is slightly improved.

This compared with 70.4 percent for Google Chrome, which uses the same Safe Browsing API as Firefox. He's as at home using the Linux terminal as he is digging into the Windows registry. The fact that the Store mixes apps with songs and movies and games doesn’t help.Microsoft Edge, that poster child of UWP apps, still has all sorts of problems. Should I Upgrade To Windows 10 From 7 The small handful of extensions are buggy and severely limited.

Otherwise, I'm glad you presented both sides. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android 0 10 months ago Reply Kyle Hill2 This is why capitalism has failed the American people. Purchase the Windows 8 Pro Pack from this window and you’ll get the professional features without needing to reinstall Windows. As you can see in its current stage, Windows 10 doesn't have a consistent experience to configure different options. 6.

Also, previous accounts you have setup on the Windows 8.1 Mail won't configure automatically in the new app. Should I Upgrade To Windows 10 From Windows 8 That's not going to happen with it running WIN10. 0 1 year ago Reply SoCalMario ******critical error start menu and cortana are not working******  <~~~~MAIN REASON NOT TO UPGRADE! One of many things I liked from Windows 8.1 was the ability to reboot or shutdown in just a few seconds. As I've said before in earlier comments, I'm a pretty big Win10 fan, and many of the points in the "against" article didn't really resonate with me (or at least, I

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Prev Next See larger image 6. Should I upgrade to Windows 10? Advantages Of Windows 8 Operating System After having disabled this Cloud Security feature, downloads were starting to run as they are supposed to. Windows 8.1 Vs Windows 10 Performance Who the hell needs a touch screen on a desktop?

While it’s no longer known as the “Home” edition of Windows, it’s similar to the Home editions of previous versions of Windows. navigate here There were other minor issues, but what I ended up doing was reformatting and reinstalling Win 7. NOT the windows store in windows 10. :P After you upgrade, make a recovery drive quick and fast. Internet Explorer 10, integrated antivirus, and most other things you’d expect are integrated into the “core” edition of Windows 8. Advantages Of Windows 8 Over Windows 7

Should I upgrade to Windows 10? Before that he worked on PC Magazine’s Solutions section, which in those days covered programming techniques as well as tips on using popular office software. As such, if you upgrade to Windows 10, you'll soon find out that Windows Media Center and the ability to play DVDs are no longer available. Check This Out Windows 10 avoids the same pitfalls by returning to a Windows 7 style desktop, complete with a Start Menu that features optional live tiles for those who liked that addition to

Freedom is a Mac - Try it - You'll never go back. 0 9 months ago Reply felixdelmante That's really interesting and I've been seeing this feeling about Windows 10 in Windows 7 Vs Windows 10 Performance But yea I hate y his Calender app which was so appealing in window 8.1 now is horrible and also Contacts... Unfortunately, Windows To Go, a useful feature that allows you to install Windows 8 to a USB drive and boot it on any computer, is only available on the Enterprise edition

Many new features won’t work on your machine Do new features in Anniversary Update have you pumped to see your machine kick serious Win10 butt?

Get downloadable ebooks for free! Windows 10 upgrade is now paid for The free upgrade to Windows 10 ended. Why does everyone hate it so much? Windows 8 Advantages And Disadvantages Pdf And these new apps can even display relevant information on their Windows Start screen tiles, something impossible in Windows 7 or just about any other operating system around, save Windows Phone.

Microsoft executives don’t consider this a privacy issue. And I'm glad that Windows Central is able to present both sides of things when it comes to their products. Long story short, my point is proven: WINDOWS 10 ITSELF IS NOT A VIRUS, ITS UPGRADE NOTIFICATION DISTRIBUTED FOR WINDOWS 7 AND 8.1, HOWEVER, IS. this contact form RELATED ARTICLEShould You Upgrade to the Professional Edition of Windows 10?

However, at this point, there is one important missing feature, which is the ability for devices with limited space to use an external storage to install new apps to free up You can easily diasble majority of the "issues". Continum: I have not really had an issue here with a couple of minor exceptions.  My little SP2 is great in tablet mode for reading.  I’ll do that even if the I had to chat with online support and I finally convinced them I made the purchase and got a phone number.

Upgrade problems While the software giant has managed to fix many of the issues that cause the upgrade process to fail, many users have been reporting failures to upgrade to Windows Although, on hybrids, the basic desktop interface is arguably touch-friendly enough to not need the Tablet Mode much of the time.For that reason, hybrids benefit more than pure tablets from Windows Laptop Reviews Windows 10 Help & How To Best Windows Store Apps Best Windows Store Games Apps Microsoft Insider Program Surface Surface Tips Surface Book Surface Pro 4 Surface Pro 3 Microsoft has done this to save on licensing costs – licensing DVD playback and the codecs necessary for media center costs money, which no longer makes as much sense when many

During Windows XP most people didn't have decent enough computers to run it so people said "Windows XP sucks!" NO BOZO! Doing a clean install without activating as upgrade over Win 7 will not activate Win 10. On the good side of things, automatic updates are a good thing because it ensures that all users (technical and non-technical) are always running the most up to date version of So far, I do like it better than 8.1 but I'm holding out before I upgrade any other computers. 0 1 year ago Reply r4incs Well, there is another reason: if

Used MSFT download tool. It is so fast and efficient.  It just works. Windows 8 offers extended support until 2023, so you’d have an extra few years before we have to repeat this whole exercise.Finally, some older Windows XP machines might not even be