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Why They Created Windows 8 That Way.


Should you we revise the app to take advantage of the Metro interface? Until its fixed, the Windows brand will regress to the mean, which is mediocrity. When Apple says the era of the PC has ended, I think Microsoft may believe it even more than Apple does. In this scenario, Windows 8 becomes the new Vista. have a peek here

Retrieved June 11, 2012. ^ "Making the lives of IT easier: Windows 8 Refresh, Reset, and Windows To Go". Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL then use the power icon. Please login. A­fter been without work f­or 6 month­s, i star­ted freelancing over t­his w­ebsite and now i could­n't be happier.

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That's mostly business users, but even when you look at the consumers who will use Windows, that usage is almost entirely productivity related. Connect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 + LE (low energy) Other Speaker, microphone, magnetometer and gyroscope. Neutrino .

Nicely played!! I'm sure a $200 Surface mini would help some, but how would Microsoft make money on that device? CNET. When Did Windows 10 Come Out in theory.

The Verge. Windows 8 Download Full Version Free In short, Microsoft's branding strategy was undone by a culture of prioritizing ship dates over polish, fiefdoms over cooperation. I know, it's as horrible as "windows", but more realistic to what it actually is, an icon-library of programs and files. Retrieved February 10, 2012. ^ "Using the Windows Runtime in JavaScript".

Daniel Revas Wow, Win7 has been rock solid for me. Windows 8 Features I've been using it since its birth and yes the interface is new but nothing else has changed from Windowa 7. Much lighter than you can imagine. Being able to run mobile apps on PC is great and it would be great to be able to reuse code on all platforms as efficiently as before phone, xbox and

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We have both come a long ways, and not so far after all. I'm kinda paranoid É‘bout losing everythiÕ¸g I've Ñ¡orked hard on. Windows 9 Release Date and not strictly over Windows 8. Windows 8.1 Release Date David161 I suggest GigaSmartNatural because everybody seems to like these terms.

Nothing really ground-breaking… more like a nice service pack and light freshening for Windows 7. navigate here I'm sure we can play various statistical games and each show that the other is wrong. Forgot your password? Advertisement Related ArticlesWhat’s Happening with Outlook RT? 23 What happens to my free Windows 10 upgrade after July 2016 if I change hardware? 40 What Happened to Millennium Beta 1? Windows 8 Download Free Full Version 64 Bit

The way that History is integrated into the File Explorer ribbon makes it much more discoverable than Previous Versions ever was, and it's much simpler to find and restore individual files But if I were you, I'd be preparing a Metro version of my tablet app, very quickly. I never got around to using it! Check This Out eonvee375 +1 NullVote +10 eAbyss My thought exactly.

Microsoft is attacking the 4 categories - but, their results seem less coherent. When Was Windows 10 Released But at this point I think they shouldn't bother;I'd have them focus their attention elsewhere.Even Apple's solution is far from perfect. Kevin Moore I'm still going to call windows "10" windows 8 2.0 realtebo But a simple windows 8.2 … no?

What's Chrome version 83?

Retrieved May 29, 2013. ^ Melanson, Donald (September 14, 2011). "Steve Ballmer touts 500,000 Windows 8 downloads in less than 12 hours". Most of the tiles you see when you start Windows 8 are Microsoft services, ready to launch with a simple log-in through your Microsoft ID. You can find a Windows 8 app for it in the Windows store. Windows 8 Release Date Windows 8.1 is in no means tied to Windows Live or it's "game launcher".

I believe Microsoft is overestimating the immediate risk of a collapse in PC sales due to tablets and other new devices, and underestimating the potential backlash against Windows 8. What I do agree with is the fact that they should be focusing on adding features as opposed to increasing usability with each update. 8.1 isn't even close to a disaster, Retrieved July 18, 2012. ^ Keizer, Gregg (August 3, 2012). "Windows 8 Leaked in Final Form". this contact form It didn't: too many people perceive the desktop to be bloated, malware-ridden, and confusing.

You're just re-creating windows 8 in a more chaotic way that has ever been though of. I do eventually use it, and DON'T LOVE IT. > Windows 8 is still in fact growing. This was a useful tool that let users revert to previous versions of files without needing to connect an external drive, and now it's gone. But Metro doesn't have a central metaphor.

They needed a 6 year old to give them some extra common sense, before finishing that mess. Microsoft on the other hand did have to gamble to have a shot at mobile and an ecosystem, they really had no choice. What the Heck is Happening to Windows? The last time the release name actually matched the version number was the enterprise-focused Windows NT 4.0, which was released back in 1996.

Charles Redmond My scale: Windows 95: Cool Windows 98: Cooler Windows ME: Crap. The Verge. hope you guys are looking forward to another year or so of crap.. John Pykett because 7 ate 9 Seth Lawson I thought it was a typo… someone wrote 8+2 instead of 8.2 when they were finally patching all of the crap they did