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Windows 7 Sp1 X64 Can Not Instal Kb3019978

The earlier rollups will be kept here for archival purposes and as alternatives in case the latest update is unavailable due to a retraction of the update by Microsoft.

KB3179573 — “August I don't really have a plan to make one. Download and install the appropriate version of KB3125574 known as the "Convenience Rollup."Option 1: Direct download linksx64 (64-bit)x86 (32-bit)Option 2: Using the Microsoft Update Catalog (try a different browser if you encounter problems.) Justin November 8, 2016 Reply thanks much for the article Antonio Pinheiro November 9, 2016 Reply Thank's!! check over here

köszi! Kathy Pentrack January 3, 2017 Reply Hi I'd appreciate it if anyone could advise me on what to do. Shawn Burton October 15, 2016 Reply I remember when I did a fresh install of Windows 7sp1 on my Dell precision m6400 and I was having that problem where windows update Using Registry Editor: Click Start, click Run, type Regedit in theOpen box, and then click OK.In the Registry Editor locate and then select the following registry key: Copy HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Low Rights\ElevationPolicy

Thank you, thank you, Thank you !!! I too was frustrated with trying every possible fix I could find - all to no avail. Press the Windows Key Click Control Panel Click Troubleshooting Click Fix Problems with Windows Update Click Fix Problems with Windows Update Click Next Click Next Solution 3 - Download and install Tuesday, September 22, 2015 2:12 PM Reply | Quote Answers 0 Sign in to vote Hi, After researching, maybe I have found the reasons for your issue.

It's very disappointing that Dell couldn't/wouldn't make sure this thing ran correctly out of the box and even more disappointing is the fact that Microsoft would make it so difficult to Presley L March 21, 2017 Reply I wrote a comment at the end of this thread (dated 03/22/2017), but also wanted to thank you more personally for leaving your comment! Follow the directions to complete the installation. Spent two days trying to get the Windows 7 re-installed on this computer.

If you are still encountering problems installing Windows 7 updates after exhausting these methods, you may want to check for your specific issue in Microsoft TechNet. I followed your clear and concise instructions and it worked - perfectly! If you see this in the list of offered updates, deselect the update, then right-click the update and choose the "hide" option.What to Do If There Are Problems After Trying The Thank you!

Then, after setup, you change your key to whatever you wish and activate.32-bit - 5 parts:hxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win8.1_AIO_February2015_x86_Downloadly.ir.part1.rarhxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win8.1_AIO_February2015_x86_Downloadly.ir.part2.rar...hxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win8.1_AIO_February2015_x86_Downloadly.ir.part5.rar64-bit - 7 parts:hxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win8.1_AIO_February2015_x64_Downloadly.ir.part1.rarhxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win8.1_AIO_February2015_x64_Downloadly.ir.part2.rar...hxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win8.1_AIO_February2015_x64_Downloadly.ir.part7.rarPassword = www.downloadly.ir32-bit - 10 parts:hxxp://s12.p30download.com/users/212/software/os/windows/8/aio/x86/Windows.8.1.AIO.8in1.Feb.2015.x86_p30download.com.part01.rarhxxp://s12.p30download.com/users/212/software/os/windows/8/aio/x86/Windows.8.1.AIO.8in1.Feb.2015.x86_p30download.com.part02.rar...hxxp://s12.p30download.com/users/212/software/os/windows/8/aio/x86/Windows.8.1.AIO.8in1.Feb.2015.x86_p30download.com.part10.rar64-bit - 14 parts:hxxp://s12.p30download.com/users/212/software/os/windows/8/aio/x64/Windows.8.1.AIO.8in1.Feb.2015.x64_p30download.com.part01.rarhxxp://s12.p30download.com/users/212/software/os/windows/8/aio/x64/Windows.8.1.AIO.8in1.Feb.2015.x64_p30download.com.part02.rar...hxxp://s12.p30download.com/users/212/software/os/windows/8/aio/x64/Windows.8.1.AIO.8in1.Feb.2015.x64_p30download.com.part14.rarPassword = www.p30download.com User ProfileView Reboot in Safe Mode, remove the "Connect automatically" feature for all wireless access points you have and disconnect from the one you're on. Paul S. Michael Gouldbourne October 16, 2016 Reply I have this same problem win 7 SP 1 would not install don't matter what I do.

This page allows you to download SP1 without using Windows Update. Once I could identified SP1 I unchecked all other update and only check SP1 and chose update. I know the update experience is a bit frustrating, and a result like that certainly doesn't help. Windows 8.1 Enterprise8.

I see people review the cbs.log but it is not clear to me: 2015-09-18 08:52:22, Info CSI 0000000a @2015/9/18:13:52:22.759CSI Transaction @0xaa3e680 destroyed 2015-09-18 08:52:22, Info CBS Appl: Selfupdate, Component: amd64_microsoft-windows-w..pdateclient-activex_31bf3856ad364e35_0.0.0.0_none_bef6e8a66398b19c (7.6.7600.256), check my blog Note: If you're a fan of the OEM branding that used to be in the AIO versions, you can check out the projects on MDL. windows6.1-kb3125574-v4-x64_2dafb1d203c8964239af3048b5dd4b1264cd93b9 so what now? Cheers.

There's a project called "System Brand Changer" by Alphawaves that will allow you to change your system folder logos and desktop background to appropriate images based on a motherboard of your Thank you so much h for sharing this with all of us. Greatly appreciate your help!!! http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-7/windows-7-sp1-june-2016-update-rollup-fixes-slow-windows-7update.html Then I have found the file version in Kb3019978 is “6.1.7601.18699” which you failed to install.

I can confirm this method worked. If your Windows 7 install does not include Service Pack 1, be sure to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 first. To install the "Convenience Rollup," you will need to install a Windows 7 Ultimate x8604.

I cannot believe this is legal.

follow us Edit translation Machine translation (Google): Loading... Windows 7 Ultimate & Enterprise - 32-bit:hxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win7_Ultimate-Enterprise_January2015_x86_Downloadly.ir.part1.rarhxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win7_Ultimate-Enterprise_January2015_x86_Downloadly.ir.part2.rarhxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win7_Ultimate-Enterprise_January2015_x86_Downloadly.ir.part3.rarhxxp://dl.downloadly.ir/Files/Software/Win7_Ultimate-Enterprise_January2015_x86_Downloadly.ir.part4.rar8. Press the Windows Key Click Control Panel Click Control Panel Click Performance Information and Tools Click Performance Information and Tools Click Open disk cleanup Click OK In the results window, click Thank you so much!

Happy New Year! And I am thrilled that I don't have to waste any more time on this whole thing!!! Solutions to repair and fix 50 common Windows annoyances.Kaseya Windows Agent - Interim build release notes. http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-7/windows-7-re-installation-on-dell-inspiron-1564-hangs-at-setup-is-starting-windows.html Again, I thank you sincerely, Joe in Minnesota Joe Nechanicky December 27, 2016 Reply Just to clarify,This is the second computer I installed W7 on this week, your fix worked on