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I've avoided creating a MS account by setting up Win8 with the computer not connected to the Internet/network (this allows defaulting to a 'local' account). And new Windows 7 Professional PCs won’t vanish immediately; OEMs will be allowed to use what licenses they have in stock. The choice is obvious.I used Windows 8 for half a year and I didn't like it, I didn't like that interface, it didn't allow me to play games that I have That requires some trickery on Win 8. · actions · 2014-Dec-31 11:46 am · FoMoCo466 C.I.D.join:2001-01-10Grand Rapids, MI FoMoCo to MaynardKrebs Member 2014-Dec-31 12:18 pm to MaynardKrebsHaving just wet my feet

I installed it a week ago and it's not bad... What enterprise customers prize over everything is stability, and Windows 7 has time, familiarity, extensive testing and total peripheral compatibility on its side. Windows 8.1 makes the experience of moving from Windows 7 less jarring than the first iteration of Windows 8. But how have we gotten to this point?

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Gaming

My i5-5200U laptop just came in mail. This story, "It's all Windows 10: Microsoft stops sales of Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1 to PC makers" was originally published by Computerworld. I am currently installing new W10 updates on it, it's taking a little more then forever. I haven't had a crash yet.

What happens in 3 years? I use W7 personally because it's what I'm most used to but Windows 8.1 would be fine for you. If they are identical in gaming, might as well go with 8.1 or 10 because of the added performance boosts outside of gaming which is pretty much a no brainer.Yup, next Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 Comparison I use W7 personally because it's what I'm most used to but Windows 8.1 would be fine for you.

Pretty crazy problem eh?I really would love to know how a piece of software can burn out a monitor. Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Vs Windows 10 After switching to Windows 10, I was able to get similar framerates but at Medium. I can't say for sure if it was a patch or the OS itself. FelipeInsideMember Since: June 27, 2003Posts: 28241FelipeInsideFollowForum Posts: 28241Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#27 Edited by FelipeInside (28241 posts) - 1 year, 4 months [email protected] said:^ i agree, no reason

SaintSatanMember Since: September 30, 2003Posts: 1833SaintSatanFollowForum Posts: 1833Followed by: 0Reviews: 3 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#18 Posted by SaintSatan (1833 posts) - 1 year, 4 months [email protected] said:@saintsatan said: You're very very Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 Gaming Thanks to the WayBackMachine, we can see how adoption has shifted over the last 12 months. To find out when you can expect to get your hands on the full RTM version of Windows 10, click here. I also want to point out that low end PCs benefit tremendously from having Windows 8.1 on them as opposed to Windows 7 because of the new performance enhancements.

Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Vs Windows 10

Why bother changing if you have to jump through hoops to make it user friendly? W10 is still pretty buggy so I'd avoid it. Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Gaming Windows 10 64-bit holds 47.28% of the Steam market, with Windows 7 64-bit hanging on at 28.99%. Windows 7 Vs Windows 8.1 Performance PCs running Windows 8.1 can also automatically connect to VPNs.

Video Let's Play Thimbleweed Park Microsoft today quietly put an end to sales of Windows 7 licenses to computer makers, marking a major milestone for the seven-year-old OS. uniqs4749 Share « Domain trust relationship • New Year desktops »page: 1 · 2 · next MaynardKrebsWe did it. News Flash: gamers play more than those two old titles.Moving forward in gaming there is no point installing Win7 or Win8 unless you have other software compatibility issues. You'll be asked to put in your billing information, and after that you'll get a product key. Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 Performance

Otherwise, if you're using it as a portable computer for more functional reasons, the interface may detract from your experience. · actions · 2014-Dec-31 1:18 pm · DarkSithPro (banned)join:2005-02-12Tempe, AZ·Cox HSI

Really no reason to upgrade. Users clamoured for the Start menu – a staple feature of Windows – to return, and Microsoft answered with Windows 8.1, and an ensuing update to that version.Legacy appsIf you are I think they already got the message... · actions · 2015-Jan-5 11:53 am · DavesnothereChange is NOT Necessarily Progress Premium Memberjoin:2009-06-15Canada·Start
Davesnothere Premium Member 2015-Jan-5 6:02 pm said by aurgathor:said by

You can add Start bars to dual monitors with separate wallpapers on each. Which Windows Is Best For Pc IT admins can virtually run Windows without any third-party software. There's 300+ page threads about it on various websites.

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What happens in 3 years?Umm... User Comments: 110 Got something to say? Other than that it's a decent OS. · actions · 2014-Dec-31 1:20 pm · dib22join:2002-01-27Kansas City, MO

dib22 to MaynardKrebs Member 2014-Dec-31 3:32 pm to MaynardKrebssaid by MaynardKrebs:Will some programs not Technical Difference Between Windows 7 And Windows 8 It gives you the option to purchase the version you want to download and install.

We heaved Steve. Technically, most versions of Windows 7 were pulled off the market two years ago, but Windows 7 Professional was still cleared for sale until October 31, as were all of the Mighty-Lu-BuMember Since: February 28, 2007Posts: 2149Mighty-Lu-BuFollowForum Posts: 2149Followed by: 0Reviews: 7 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#45 Posted by Mighty-Lu-Bu (2149 posts) - 1 year, 4 months [email protected]: When I use to run I'd be willing to just run dx11 forever if it meant i didnt have to use win10.He said "Absolutely no reason to NOT have Windows 10" Mighty-Lu-BuMember Since: February 28, 2007Posts:

insane_metalistMember Since: September 22, 2006Posts: 7715insane_metalistFollowForum Posts: 7715Followed by: 0Reviews: 41 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#32 Posted by insane_metalist (7715 posts) - 1 year, 4 months [email protected] said:@JigglyWiggly_: It's not a claim, Pretty crazy problem eh?I really would love to know how a piece of software can burn out a monitor.I edited the post. Win8 is actually "lighter" on the resources than Win7.Anyway, still incorrect suggestion. This doesn’t mean Windows 8’s predecessor is out of the game, however, and remains a popular option for consumers and business users alike.

For some, the radical redesign has always felt more like two operating systems meshed together, and it has become the most discussed element of Windows’ latest operating system. Adding in the optional Hyper-V support for your copy of 8.1 allows you to connect to a server. In fact, recent market share statistics revealed that users choosing to move on from Windows XP are actually opting for Windows 7 rather than Windows 8 or 8.1, with Microsoft’s latest According to Microsoft’s rules, the Redmond, Wash.

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Login _ Social Sharing Find TechSpot on... If you even look at the Windows 10 subreddit, a lot of people are having a lot of problems because of the November update.Not to mention Windows 10 doesn't even work Windows 7 takes quite long to wake from sleep -- 17 seconds on average. For now there isn't a clear winner when it comes to gaming, but the stability and performance enhancements make it worthwhile to me.