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Yes, you learn to avoid certain things to save you grief as time goes on, but what kind of awful habit is that? It's mostly a joke, but it presents a really valid point: Google Docs' feature set can change at any moment and the licence is a laugh. A new piece of software is released when all bug reports have been dealt with. If I open Task Manager and close it, then Live Mail will load (sometimes I... http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-10/windows-10-mail-app-import-from-windows-live-mail.html

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available!!! On the other hand, the statement that the multitude of browsers is what makes the web beautiful is to me outright stupid. I am not a fan of Apple, as at my core I am software developer. My criticisms are valid and this is a real problem, and that isn't a valid response.

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I never heard someone talking about IE like "wow, this is really cool, did you see the new feature…………." IE is just not up-to-date. Silverlight Media Framework 2 released–integrate with Live Writer author:Tim Heuer|posted @ Thursday, July 08, 2010 2:44 PM | Feedback (30) Yesterday (7-Jul-2010), the Silverlight Media Framework v2 was released on Codeplex If I have border-radius etc.

IE has brought many great innovations, and MS has wrapped them in a very usable UI - compare with Netscape Navigator before it or even Firefox today; IE can be easily This has never been about one or two issues when you code a page, it's about viewing your page in IE and it being completely broken. I dont know much about the IE10. Windows 10 Not Working Properly After Update I would relate it to StarWars and how it was an important part of my childhood imagination.

Problems with Live Mail after update from 7 to 10. Windows 10 Problems 2016 Thats all! on market. The file was...

So I bought Win 10 from Microsoft and did a clean install. Windows 10 Problems Internet Connection Created by Anand Khanse. And no offence, but I find Google docs pretty limited in comparison. "Oh, I want to work on my 20k word dissertation in a coffee shop with no wifi… wait, I You will need an active Internet connection, though, for every PC you upgrade this way.

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I sincerely hope developers and designers adopt the perspective you're talking about and stop with the incessant whining. As i began to do some webdevelopment i got "behind the scenes" of the most used browsers which was the point i was starting to have one question all along: "why Windows 10 Problems Start Menu Smashing Magazine April 2011 Windows 7 Theme (calendar) Smashing Magazine April 2011 Windows 7 Theme (no calendar) Smashing Magazine Desktop Wallpaper: April 2011 (original post) Special thanks to TransferBigFiles.com for hosting... Windows 10 Problems And Solutions 2016 Keep getting a script error in IE How import bookmark firefox on edge ?

Microsoft has done a lot to try to correct their past transgressions, and it seems like there are still too many people who aren't willing to let go of old grudges. http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-10/windows-10-mail-app-won-t-open-right-e-mail-throught-pop-up.html There generally isn't budget to replace these as they may have expensive in the first place, and corporate interests don't really care about web standards as employees are at their desks Saving a website in Favorites folder Mail app does not access Outlook servers Firefox For Android Not Syncing Bookmarks IE11 Issue Adobe flash player Microsoft Edge Random Scrolling Problem in Edge My new Kindle 3 review–comparing against Kindle 2 author:Tim Heuer|posted @ Friday, August 27, 2010 10:06 PM | Feedback (26) When I first saw the Kindle 3 (is that even the Windows 10 Problems 2015

cant open edge browser Anyone having a problem with Edge start page at th... I would rather you invoked Thunderbird (which I do consider to be better, by the way). That's the point. 6% of the Internet (including clients I work for) is still using IE6, sorry, for me this fact is enough to hate Internet Explorer (and people using it) this contact form He deals with the multimedia content needs of training and corporate houses.

The answer is it shouldn't. Windows 10 Issues On Pc Windows is dominates both enterprise and consumer spaces primarily because there hasn't ever really been a strong competitor (still isn't). Big name players like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon and the like have only made very small steps towards muscling users onto newer browsers - but they can't afford to lose revenue

Ok IE 6… it was the "early" web.

But IE was just adepted to present standarts. Internet is evolving and we must evolve with it. Being a front end developer for the majority of my life I can attest that developing for IE browsers has not been a pleasant experience. Problems With Windows 10 Upgrade The Web development community has evolved enough that we should stop pointing fingers at Internet Explorer and start taking responsibility for how we do our jobs.

This post will help you fix the problem. They just care more about us, sure… it’s not about the money, like in any company. When writing an app that provides input from customers, providing some “hint” when there is no text is a valuable thing to add. http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-10/windows-10-latitude-e6530-system-detect-installation-gets-parsing-error-0xc00ce556-net-framework-4-6-1.html Shouldn't that be reserved for large overhauls? -2 47 David Aimi July 12, 2012 9:11 pm You read what he wrote wrong, Zach.

I know that MS has been wrong for several years, the whole period between (but not including) XP and Seven, was a black hole in Microsoft, but now we have IE9, Outlook 2010 Not Responding with Windows 10 Problems with AOL email after downloading windows1... Popular Posts Event Viewer Errors after Anniversary Update I updated my Windows 10 with the Anniversary update and now I see these couple of errors appear in the Event Viewer that IE8 can handle it so then I can tolerate IE8.

Change back to TextBlock The DynamicTextBlock served one purpose, to provide trimming at the character level rather than the word level. Universal Windows Platform At Build this year we introduced the Universal Windows Platform v10 with a set of new APIs and unified features... You may also want to check out older archives. Flash is another example of people repeating what they hear.

The beta was a great release and preview of what the team had introduced as new features.  You can read back on my Silverlight 5 guide to new features post regarding Archive ▼ 2015 (1839) ► October (87) ► September (220) ► August (186) ► July (178) ► June (165) ► May (146) ► April (188) ► March (233) ▼ February (222) Luckily every remaining browser on the market is better. @Daniel: Stockholm Syndrome. Patrick’s Day themes.  We need some more participation from inspired designers/photographers/artists!  Here is your March 2011 Windows 7 Theme Packs for wallpapers – unfiltered and uncensored – about 35 wallpapers in

In the end, it depends. People are already starting to complain about Android 2.x browsers. In short, performing an in-place upgrade is a better option than going for ISO files of Windows 10 as of now. Nevertheless i hope and wish that IE will become a strong and powerfull browser again :) I hope you wont be angry about my little superficial knowledge.

Anatomy of a good bug report author:Tim Heuer|posted @ Wednesday, October 12, 2011 9:43 AM | Feedback (14) I was searching my archives for sending something to my team this morning Did you know that we publish useful books and run friendly conferences — crafted for pros like yourself? Your job is to support whatever browsers your employer/client tells you to.