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Why My W8.1 Pro Want To Defrag My Ssd?


Internet Speed 10/2 Mbps Browser Firefox Antivirus WD Quote Page 1 of 2 12 Last Jump to page: why my w8.1 pro want to defrag my ssd? « Previous Thread | There are better disk defraggers out there as solaris is mentioning. You can also access the Disk Defragmenter in Windows 8 / 8.1 via the MS-Explorer [Windows + E] and right click on the drive (volume)! As a developer I have a SSD on my Windows 8.1 laptop with client Hyper-V. have a peek here

I only have one partition or drive in each. This led me down a path to windows disk optimization, scheduling ect. You're all set! And I believe once a month in the product team quote is an approximation for two reasons.1.

Defrag Ssd Windows 7

Think of Windows 7 then. Although a specific controller may do that.Robert YoungSunday, 07 December 2014 17:42:04 [email protected] you're confused, you shouldn't change the default OS settings, and in this case you should accept SSD defrag.If can i stop it? And it probably is, to some extent.

It offered to remove the other programs control over it. Excuse me, but where am I wrong? :) I stated that with the default OS settings, "on a typical PC it occurs about once a month" (29.39 days on average based Scott HanselmanThursday, 04 December 2014 23:09:49 UTCNot all SSDs die in the same way or with the same amount writes in it. Ssd Trim Customize the Defragmentation (enable / disable)! 3.) ...

Will do, thank you bjm. Windows 10 Ssd Defrag This is what people did on TechNet and Answers and got nowhwere. Highlight your SSD > click Optimize > when finished, if schedule is off then click Turn on Pick a schedule, and Choose your SSD drive > click OK to exit out Inside the VM a hard disk reports it uses for example 20GB, but the VHDX is 30GB.

Straight Power 10 500 Watt CM Mouse: Logitech Nano Laser wireless Keyboard: RAPOO E9270P Black 5GHz wireless Software: Windows 8.1 x64 Benchmark Scores: Fire Strike (1.1) 14394 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/15300177? 21169 graphics score. Settings off defragmentation (... In Windows 7, it will actually run defrag, not TRIM, an SSD. It looks like Windows will run a Trim on the SSD until it decides a defrag is needed.

Windows 10 Ssd Defrag

hi Brink is not enough run with windows+r and winsat formal? This just confirms that "once a month" is an approximation. Defrag Ssd Windows 7 Then run winsat and repeat defrag. Ssd Defragmentation Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by P4-630, May 18, 2014.

How To Resize Your Windows 8 Partition Create Windows 8 Recovery Media Windows 8 – Elevated Command Prompt How To Fix The Windows Bootloader Windows 7 Installing Windows 7 Tweaking Windows November 2, 2013 By Eric (a.k.a. And I must say that I have more confidence in the manufacturers than in Windows tools.Third Note: Windows always reports that the recovery partitions (on SSD) must be optimized, while still Posted: 23-Jan-2015 | 6:42PM • Permalink I found the article I was looking for. Windows 10 Ssd Optimization

Per the product group, the scheduled task checks every week if the SSD has been defragged in the last 28 days, and if it hasn't it defrags. How many. Hard disk drive volume can not optimize in windows 8.1 or 10 ? http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-10/win-8-1-defrag-and-optimize-error.html Skill Trident X 16Gb (4x4GB) 2400mhz @ 1.65v Video Card(s): MSi GTX1070 Gaming X 8GB @ 2GHz Hard Disk(s): Samsung 830 128GB SSD, Crucial MX200 500GB, Seagate Barracuda 2TB (2x 1TB

Reply intelligencia January 20, 2015 at 12:13 pm # @Nerdebeu "I defragment my mechanical hard drives, and I use software manufacturers for SSD. Conclusion No, Windows is not foolishly or blindly running a defrag on your SSD every night, and no, Windows defrag isn't shortening the life of your SSD unnecessarily. Anyway: Thank you both so much for trying to give us all some input!MaxSunday, 07 December 2014 16:11:07 [email protected]:-- I'm even more confused now.The re-appeared comments (not here when I submitted)

The ScheduledDefrag task is responsible for carrying on this assignment.

If I am not gone on Windows 10 for several weeks, it tells me that I need to optimize it, but also that I need to optimize the disk on which How many pass does windows 8 needs to optimize drive? How many passes on windows 8.1 optimize? Skill Trident X 16Gb (4x4GB) 2400mhz @ 1.65v Video Card(s): MSi GTX1070 Gaming X 8GB @ 2GHz Hard Disk(s): Samsung 830 128GB SSD, Crucial MX200 500GB, Seagate Barracuda 2TB (2x 1TB

Techonium You are obviously missing the point, which is in regard specifically to the Defrag utility. that shouldn't have done anything. My workspeed has increased with the conversion.I'm new to SSD's so there is no problem with leaving an SSD to be optimized/TRIM weekly? this contact form When he says volume snapshots or "volsnap" he means the Volume Shadow Copy system in Windows.

Start directly Defragmenter in Windows 8.1 and 8! 2.) ... It runs the defrag.exe utility to defragment HDDs on schedule, same as in Windows 7. Think Windows Experience Index (WEI) score. Can I Disk deflagmentort for win8.1?

It was on but I turned it off.Click to expand... Things happen. Intel RST Drivers can be found here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/ see section Solid State Drives and Caching > Intel High Performance Solid State Drive > your SSD model Intel chipset drivers 4 - Have you run the firmware updates for that drive?

Can I Windows disk optimize passes? Copyright 2002-2017 by Eric Vaughan All material contain here is the property of the materials owner. In particular, the «Arguments» node must list only SSD drive letters and -l -h switches (TRIM and high priority respectively). Scott wrote "We've all been told that SSDs don't last forever and when they die, they just poof and die." But this is not true. (OK, it's true that some people

At this point I feel 100% certain that Norton 360 is not the culprit here; I am still curious as to what is causing these inconsistent messages, though... Russinovich or someone else at MS will get to it eventually. (If you can point me towards some official info I would appreciate it) Until then I offer this from the Upd. I think Chrystal disk program said I had written a total of 1tb to it since March 2014.

Defragmenter in windows 8? Storage arrays (I'm a SAN engineer) monitor the health of their SSDs, and call for pro-active replacement as the drives start having problems. fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify However, this stuff is handled by Windows today in 2014, and you can trust that it's "doing the right thing." Windows 7, along with 8 and 8.1