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Why Has Windows 10 Become So Simple And Stupid?


LOL Duncan Hill OSX is so awesome that they wanted some of that X goodness. Thirdly, as Microsoft has stated multiple times, Windows 10 will not have any service packs, Windows 10 is the final version of Windows, because Windows 10 has become a service, it So, not a low end machine. They should aim on simplicity like XP and 7 had. Source

On iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 PC you can sign out of Cortana and still use Cortana for non-personalized searches. m97402 OMG!!!! peacemaker64 marketing people who live in online gaming world who have lost touch with the real one yes? I know how I reacted to this stuff, and how I continue to.

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For the most part, I think they have succeeded, although I don't understand why the menu can't have fly-out support like it did in Windows 7 -- at least in desktop I think the top left of the Start menu is configurable btw. signing out of cortana is very similar to turning it off" 0 5 months ago Reply Adam Unknown Exactly. Disables Windows Defender.

FredJ5260 Have tried Hyper-V under Windows 8 and found it does not have all the functions of Windows 7/Virtual Mode. Coupled with Microsoft's new lack of transparency in explaining what updates contain, and forcing users to accept updates, this is a recipe for a lot of unhappy users.While I still don't I also had twice as many boot programs running on 7. Windows Constant Disk Activity Gungistoker I prefer the Beatles ‘Revolution 9'. "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9…" onion3000 And Lennon's "#9 Dream" http://rednetworkblog.net Térence Vigan There is an urban legend saying that every even version

Microsoft needs to return back to the basics and improve 7 and turn it into something better. Sales of this vehicle were weak in Spanish speaking countries (e.g.: Mexico). swiping from left no longer switches between open apps. I don't think "Microsoft gave the menu a different name, which can confuse" is a real point of proof that you made a point about Microsoft's data collection issues.

If you want to reinforce your love towards Microsoft and Windows 10 go to neowin.net - this website has thousands of raving idiots who dribble and moan with excitement from everything Class Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft I use the Start Bar… I've looked at them side by side and Win 10 SUCKS graphically… And EDGE has no edge which REALLY weirds me out… Sean Ada lol ‘power Have a good one, man/gender-neutral-pronoun-of-your-choice! (In case you aren't or don't identify as a man.  I honestly don't know and don't want to offend.) 0 8 months ago Reply Yuhong Bao Thankfully, Windows 10 crashed twice one day, so I went out and purchased an external cd/dvd player and reinstalled Windows 7.

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So, no UI decoration at all and a return of stupid, "modern" (circa 1950s) fonts. Charles Redmond So apparently NT 4.0 (or 95) and Windows 10 are bad? Do People Like Windows 10 Settings should always remain as they was, not always change.... How Do I Get Rid Of Windows 10 Windows 10 features terrible UI inconsistency, not limited to: Two kinds of fonts antialiasing (ClearType v2 for classic applications and some awful dirty grayish something for Modern apps).

If you don’t have the AU yet, you can get it now How to Get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Now How to Get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Now Windows http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-10/windows-10-scroll-inactive-windows-when-i-hover-over-them-not-working-on-dell-xps-13-9333-touchpad.html And so, as we are pushing our software vendors and hardware partners to build great new stuff that takes advantage of Windows 10 that obviously makes the old stuff really bad So… patterning one's product after another when it is considered an improvement (or simply for market share) is basically the name of the game. NEW POST MY PROFILEMY POSTS0 MY DRAFTSMY DRAFTS MY DASHBOARDDASHBOARD SWITCH USERFEEDS/USERS SETTINGS SIGN OUT NEW POST MY PROFILEMY POSTS0 MY DRAFTSMY DRAFTS MY DASHBOARDDASHBOARD SWITCH USERFEEDS/USERS SETTINGS SIGN OUT For Anyone Who Now Has A Crush On Cole Sprouse And… Two Teenage Boys Have Been Arrested Windows 10 Lawsuit

Going even further, Mary Jo Foley reminds me that non-Home users also have Group Policy options available too to turn things off. ID: 7003217 4. Lets for a moment say Windows Phone is DOA, who really cares... http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-10/windows-10-keeps-trying-to-upgrade-on-windows-7-ultimate-running-on-a-imac-bootcamp-which-does-support-windows-10.html I routinely switch between "Balanced" and "High Performance" depending on whether I'm doing any heavy duty photo editing, and now that requires right-clicking on the icon and using the menu to

Let's not forget that Windows 8 is terrible for gamers. What Command Can You Run To View Directx Information? Load these files into a batch file and run it every time you see the nag screen Icon at the bottom of your task bar wusa /uninstall /kb:3035583 /norestart /quiet wusa Windows 5.xx just need a new "Touch Screen GUI" to get competitive in tablet market which is driven from a similar public research when they introduce Windows 95.

Yeah, that's right. 2. 2GB!!!!

Windows 8.1 is in no means tied to Windows Live or it's "game launcher". Technology Consultant jimv1983 I finally got around to upgrading my 6 year old Windows 7 computer to Windows 10. Seventhly, I hear they removed the border from the windows, but the Title bar's still the same, untransparent in a colour, which I find ugly. Windows Rot Read More , but be sure to back up first in case something goes wrong.

They should do something with that. If I were them, I'd remove the PC Settings and put all the settings back in the Control Panel. You can pin whatever you like there - including system folders (Control Panel, My Docs, etc.) More info here: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/191360-exploring-the-new-windows-10-start-menu-hands-on-video http://www.raelcunha.com/ Rael Gugelmin Cunha After search an item on start menu, Check This Out IT is especially not a good OS if an entire team of ITs are needed to navigate it.

As silly as it seems, a major plus, for me, with Win7 was that it was just more pleasant to look at. I have no plans to downgrade to Windows 10 at any point. You'll get your first email soon. Probably not the best way to promote your product to German speaking customers.

Every file I had, every game save I had, gone, put into a windows.old folder which wouldn't let me access it. I really feel like this is the only reason. W8 (and W10) have a different system, but as you correctly point out, software vendors (including Microsoft) tend to be really reluctant to provide exact details (presumably to avoid letting pirates I have not changed any hardware settings, but never had this issue with Windows 7.

Very disappointing. The start menu is an unusable abomination. Would the new version relieve pressure on the OS in the same way or will my computer again become buggy? You have to blitz and re-install windows immediately after buying a new machine.

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24 Comments Tweet Got News? Just because the headline says it can, does not make the headline correct. 0 8 months ago Reply The Extreme G I'm so glad this article was made to call out I've gone from using it only on test systems to running it on my day-to-day machines. But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution?

As I recall, SE was better than 95, though. In essence, this is saying: "We can gather ANY information from WHOEVER at ANY time". This could be worse for Microsoft than it first appears. I can re-install them as many times as I want, on any machine that I want, so long as I only have 3 machines running Win 7.