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Who Goes From Windows 7 To Vista And Likes It?


Danny October 27, 2009 at 9:59 am @Chad The point of my post is that Apple does not need to make any profit at all on the software. Windows Movie Maker and Windows Mail are integrated and they're better than the Live versions, available for Win 7.2. People who go "its fine if they collect my data" and let things like this slide and not really care allows companies to keep poking and prodding to stretch barriers to He now doesn't even talk about Mac laptops any more; he wants to upgrade to the Thinkpad W series, put 8GB of RAM in it and run Windows 7. Source

that is such a small time that is means nothing unless you spend your whole day just rebooting your computer 1000 times a day then it makes sense somehow. - More You can extend PhotoGallery and Windows 7 thumbnail preview, with Windows Camera Pack. The gadget platform itself is not going to be removed from Windows 8 AFAIK. Passmark - 1552.8, 1594.4 CPU Mark - 6791.5, 6859.1 2D Graphics - 813.1, 435.0 3D Graphics - 210.8, 244.2 Memory - 1359.2, 1553.5 My System Specs You need to have JavaScript

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I never said you had to install Windows 10. Again, the less than with it computing segment. I am not pleased that Microsoft insists on being my nanny and monitoring what I do with my own hardware. Each knows its own strenght.

The model of replacing PC's, the OS, and Office every 3 years just does not fit the consumer market. It is a wonder that any Apple OS has ever cost more than $29, regardless of its excellence, simply because the money is in the hardware. And a school-yard insult too. Windows 10 Lawsuit With HDDs, waking a PC from hibernate and waiting for everything to read is sometimes slower than a cold boot, so no it does not work fine.

Sunset Rider http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/07/faster-booting-smaller-footprint-make-windows-10-an-easy-upgrade-for-old-pcs/ HDD Windows 7 boot time: 42.9 seconds HDD Windows 10 boot time: 28.9 seconds 14 second shorter boot is not insignificant. How Do I Get Rid Of Windows 10 He also blogs daily via the SuperSite Blog (community.winsupersite.com/blogs/paul), posts regularly on Twitter (www.twitter.com/thurrott), and appears weekly in the highly rated and hugely popular Windows Weekly podcast with Leo Laporte (www.twit.tv/ww). Her engaging personality and infectious enthusiasm blinded me, and I eagerly sought the HP web site to pick up that great 17-inch laptop. LINUX!

I know I know Vista drivers using in Windows 7 is ok but still. Is Windows Vista Good For Gaming That's because Apple makes their money on the whole package… the OS, hardware, services, etc… Microsoft's revenue is directly from the sale of the OS. Not much of a tech person if you can't figure out 8. They may buy a new PC and give the old one to the kids.

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Opinionated Cat Lover Actually, it is up to Microsoft to decide what is good for people. Join Now Help Remember Me? Windows 10 Awful These have nothing to do with the percieved "Vista bloatware." Edited by WindowsVista567 - old account Saturday, September 17, 2011 11:59 AM Saturday, September 17, 2011 1:30 AM 0 Sign in Do People Like Windows 10 But 7 was really optimized and finished. 10 is again full of bumps (still).

Jesse S. http://computersecurityadvice.com/windows-10/window-vista-side-bar-is-not-working.html They could have charged $50 and gotten away with it (heck, they're Apple; they could have charged $130) Snow Leopard had precious few new features for users, but it has a Here’s another piece of evidence aiming in the same direction: have you actually done a Windows 7 upgrade?  Mine took seven hours!  It shouldn’t have to take that long unless part My 23″ LED probably would not have been a good idea to put on my glass decked table, had it been CRT. Windows Constant Disk Activity

And i have done lots of graphics for myself and friends, i've never come across a picture that took so long to save, that i wished that i had an SSD GPU capacity is also massive and bolts on. I appreciate Microsoft is trying to become as easy as Apple. have a peek here Sunday, November 13, 2011 2:06 AM 0 Sign in to vote I never liked the way they "toned down" Aero.

The fact that our performance is very similar now hopefully means that as time goes on driver companies are going to be able to really harness the power of Windows 7 Windows Rot I lived through 8,16,32 bit systems and the massive disruptions caused by the so much code being recompiled and the new opportunities for accessing greater quantities of ram and disk. On Vista hardware it took me about 45 minutes.

I have checked resource usage in Windows 8 running on the same PC that I used to run Vista on.

The upgrade is slow because the underlying filesystem and the registry sucks. Screen Savers CRT monitors are no longer produced, and VGA is slowly disappearing from systems. Just wait till they start making you pay to use Windows by renewable subscription. Kb3081424 Fail Share this post Link to post Share on other sites ZeroSeven 3 NeoDevil 3 29 posts Posted August 26, 2013 I too always liked Vista and never had any serious

shut it. Two extra games for Vista Ultimate (Win 7 Ultimate has no such extras).4. Something else interesting: have you ever noticed that most "newly uncovered hidden features" in Windows 7, such as the string used to display all control panel options, are actually present in Check This Out It is just the fact that some stuff was written in early 90's and until today hacker gat knowledge and tools awaolable are better and nowadays computing power is much greater.

Thought-provoking….. Their products seemed to be designed for much longer service lives. Screen Savers This may be a trivial thing to compain about, but it is worth mentioning. taken to the limit.

The fact that our performance is very similar now hopefully means that as time goes on driver companies are going to be able to really harness the power of Windows 7 Window 7 Secrets is the ultimate insider's guide to Microsoft's most exciting Windows version in years. So we need to wait a bit… another year or so, to get usefull step forward without too many compromises. Ideally, we'd see computers last 10 years and then significant parts reused in the next computer with the rest recycled, Apple and it's ilk just don't see any money in that.

Weird - Tracking keeps turning itself on in Word 2016 Last Post 1 Week Ago Machine runs Microsoft Windows 10 (Home) and Microsoft Word 2016 (Home and Student). But 186.18 WHQL run great with my GTX.