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Win 8 To 8.1 ?

This is the Windows 8.1 version of a screen you saw after you installed or first turned on your Windows 8 computer. pls help Lewis Says: October 28th, 2013 at 11:14 pm Hmmm, so Windows 8.1 is not downloaded via Windows update... SO Please don't tell people to buy a touch screen monitor to use with this disaster of a product! Geez, just select it in taskbar properties under navigation.

Make sure you create the Windows 8 system image just before you begin installing the Windows 8.1 update and don't forget to create a USB recovery drive. One of these days Microsoft will do that due to all the complaints. More @: http://www.cybernetman.com/en/Windows-Tablet-pc/ http://www.dreamtechie.com/ Yogita Aggarwal Seems i need to update my old Windows 8 to 8.1 :) https://www.protectandaccess.com/ ProtectandAccess Excellent post, because i hope windows 8.1 will be very popular. But I use StartIsBack, which basically makes it into Windows 7 with the upgrades.

Nothing works now. I found 22 updates. In order for Metro apps to really succeed and thrive we need to have apps like Photoshop (proper), downloadable from the Windows Store, and able to switch between a mouse/keyboard interface What site did you find the info on?

Now just wait while the update is downloaded and installed. Naipier "You're not forced. Also interesting was that it preserved my layout for the start screen even through many of the apps weren't installed. I heard that new features are very useful and user friendly.

http://www.cardinalphoto.com David Cardinal FWIW, on the Tablet where I installed the patches, I've lost the ability to show the taskbar with the two-fingered swipe from the bottom. what should i do??? ps HATE the charms - HATE HATE HATE the charms! I do fine with keyboard and mouse.

A lot of politicians constantly speak "the people speaking out" but a lot of time the "people" are just a handful of activist and people they were able to get riled I _suspect_ this has to do with having used multiple accounts on the machine, but thought I'd pass it along just in case. You need to understand that it takes time to test against a thousand some off possible hardware configurations and climb its way up the corporate ladder of testing before it reaches We all work in IT.

Whether this will move you to actually use the new Start screen is a different question. But again if they had dealt with people directly recently, they would know that most of the people buying these tablets are just using them the play with or really don't App reinstall warning. I hope, main idea clearly unterstood.

You are forgetting the fact that startup and overall performance has been improved in 8. Marcus Exactly what I thought Efon. I do most of the media center tasks on my tablet using the Remote Desktop app, so sometimes touchscreen is more convenient than KB/M Efon Wang when you're innovating for a But, MS is nothing if not consistent… in not listening to its target market.

I do video conversions, administrative stuff, listen to music, read the net, and do a slew of other things on a 7 machine. Windows and all apps should automatically change when you plugin a keyboard dock or when manually enabling the touch or mouse "switch". Oh wow, what an amazing feat of technology. I'm sure it has to do with the upgrade from IE 10 to IE 11 - but it's still a bit frustrating.

That's why you need the X to close an app. Alex Says: October 22nd, 2013 at 12:28 pm disculpe yo tengo el windpws 8 pro original y ago estos pasos perdere mi licencia ?? Though a mishap involving your files is unlikely, there's no reason to risk losing your documents, photos, music, and other important data.

Consumer bitching isn't why Windows 8 failed.

make windows shutdown or hibernate using the power button ffs. Login or register to post comments gmcsykes on Oct 18, 2013 One of my update out of 3 keeps failing over to "restoring your previous version of windows" about to throw only uninstall the metro Calculator and so on). Perhaps I can drag the window down and close it and the update will still go, how would I know.

HELP (Please) !!!, and a Big Thanks for your time... If you can give me any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Here's how to upgrade your Windows 8 PC to Windows 8.1. 1. Your computer will then take several minutes installing Windows 8.1, complete with at least one reboot.

Really, though, if you're a power user and have some free time to play around, check out how to install Windows 10 Technical Preview in a virtual machine. Login or register to post comments [email protected] on Oct 17, 2013 The Upgrade to Win8.1 from the preview from the Windows Store doesn't seem to work with a guest VM in Its not for me, and scores of others. Login or register to post comments fjbeiderbecke on Oct 17, 2013 I am having the same issue.

Mate, this is a first world problem. Starting next week, they're living very dangerously indeed. Please compare WinPE 1.x and 2.x or next versions. It's probably the most important proactive step any Windows 8 owner can take.

See How to Create a Recovery Drive in Windows 8 for a complete walkthrough.

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