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Win 8 Pro Media Center--one Email Address Limit

I hadn't taken the time to check the number of combined devices, but thought that the seemingly arbitrary number would be enough to cover all WPs and W8 devices for folks Bruno Cosandey Please respect that the term "METRO" is allready used by a large european distributor since nearly 20 years. if i were microsoft, id give pirates a trojan. mori bund The sad thing is that probably no-one cares about a free Win8 key. ^^ Giorgos Personally, I can't be bothered to get even the free and legitimate Pro key this contact form

I get the same error when clicking "I want to buy a product key online" instead. the leading software company in the WORLD! In the end, the writers of these programs are pirates. http://www.joshmiller.net JoshMiller I bet it's intentional.

Now when I play a game on display 1 and have Media Center running Live TV on display 2, Media Center stutters, freezes. So plan accordingly. Catalysis Corporation is a third-party company we use to collect subscription information and process the delivery of these emails.

You qualify for this promotion if your PC is running Windows 8 Pro. Pirates can t use a single bundled key to validate other Windows 8 copies… Microsoft would detect the same key on vastly differing hardware.. If you so desire, it is now possible to activate Windows 8 Pro for free, using a legitimate key provided by Microsoft itself.As you have probably surmised, this isn't intentional -- Where you can make apps available to the users you want.

Chris B Piracy increases the Win8 install base. Thanks a lot Steven Sinofsky. Oldest Newest [-] Serdar Yegulalp - 28 Aug 2013 5:54 AM Do you use Windows devices to view DVDs or Blu-ray discs? I use the DVD players to play DVD's for work and studies.

It was my understanding that this was a free upgrade when you purchased windows 8 pro. rahman ali Windows 8 in the right hands is good. Tried my custom boot stick with win7 x64 on it but doesn't seem to want to install over it maybe I need enable legacy support for usb? Afterwards my HP Machine looks for a solution, My PC is fully updated.

That's the question MS probably asked themselves... Mike ah ha! REDDAM HARISH REDDY SO NICE WINDOWS 8 GOOD SIO prahalad Guys this Is not permanent key provided by Microsoft…Its valid till 31st jan 2013… Dorion Beaudin ‘If you were running Windows About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Advertisers Business Partners Media Kit Corporate Site Contributors Reprints Archive Site Map Answers E-Products Events Features Guides Opinions Photo Stories Quizzes Tips Tutorials Videos All

It's obvious when new things come in, but not as obvious when things go missing, such as a Windows 8 media player. http://geek.com/ sal cangeloso Unrelated inquiry: If you are coming here from Facebook, whose page was it that linked to us? These tips help Exchange ... No one from Microsoft has addressed the issue.

But it must be possible to control with a normal TV remote and launch in "TV/Media only" mode like a real black box, taking over the main menu/desktop and blocking pop-up chojin999 More Microsoft marketing tricks trying to force people into using the childish unusable Windows8 Metro. Bob Comer - Microsoft MVP Virtual Machine Thursday, August 16, 2012 9:27 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote "Yep - I've scoured the Hyper-V docs, but they've been navigate here down loaded 8 pro, Media Center then things went to HELL! 8 hours on the phone with Toshbia, who wanted $150.00 more to fix via phone.

Add My Comment Cancel [-] AnonymousUser - 10 Jun 2013 5:50 AM Why bother with use restricted software? Thanks a frakkin bunch, Steven Sinofsky. I've many searched at Google and after all, I found an online store, Where I can buy cheap product keys or COA Stickers for any OS.

Fast moving Microsoft Windows 8.1 update train railroads IT Universal apps may be the Trojan horse for Windows 8 adoption Are universal apps, Windows 8.1 updates enough to entice IT shops?

Karonius7 Want to change email address associated with MS account in User Accounts and Family Safety I'm wanting to change the email address I use to log on to my system. The goal of Media Foundation (as a standard streaming mediaplatform for Windows 7 onwards) would be lost and vendors would just go and install lots of (maybe not so stable) codecs Windows 8 Enterprise, however, includes everything from Pro, along with some features not found anywhere else. I also disagree with them waiting until the 26th to let us use it, unless they're working on an upgrade.

What really irks me isthe fact that there is no offical word from Microsoft on all this and the best we can do is find some month and a half old Good idea about streaming to the 360 for TV! Once you acquire a key, it is yours. I wish I could change the Default Actions of Windows Defender, but I haven't seen any way to do this.

Why hasn't the product key been posted on MSDN? that is if you are the big bad hackers you all claim to be…. The hack, and key, mentioned in an earlier post should NOT be used. As economies mature and flourish and people and companies begin buying legitimate versions, they usually buy Microsoft because most others already use it.

Check the pricing, they've actually removed the cost of Media Centre for those, the majority who don't use it, you're still paying less with it purchased. View 1 AnswersView Related Apps :: Does MS Recommend A Movie/Blu-ray/DVD Player In Lieu Of Media Center?