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Win 8.1: Four Great Features


Both operations will remove all installed desktop applications from the system. I am a power user, a developer, and I use a Win8 unit for almost the entire day and I really appreciate every changes to this new OS. Microsoft. In fact, the Start button was completely gone, although there was an invisible clickable area where it used to be. this contact form

So please can someone explain me what is wrong with Windows 8 (please don't tell me that it is due to missing Start button because as I stated the main function Yes I have had a few crashes but believe related to USB to video adapters I have. Microsoft. November 16, 2013.

Windows 8.1 Features

In lieu of the recent apps sidebar, computer icons for opened apps can be displayed on the taskbar; as with desktop programs, shortcuts to apps can also be pinned to the Mario Kalus Hi all, my thoughts about upcomming changes: Start button: why? By Michael Desmond08/12/2013 Windows 8 is a study in contrasts. istartedsomething.

Blogging Windows. Retrieved January 20, 2014. ^ "USB in Windows - FAQ (Windows Drivers)". The Verge. April 30, 2014.

Supersite for Windows. Building Windows 8. http://tech-diggers.com/ Danish Rafiq Amazing new features in windows 8, and it's now more stable in terms of security as well. Retrieved February 21, 2015. ^ "Phone number format recognition".

Retrieved September 16, 2013. ^ Brink, Shawn (September 27, 2013). "Internet Explorer 11 Modern - Show Address Bar and Tabs". For instance, you can configure Windows 8.1 to boot straight to the old desktop, rather than the Windows 8 Start screen with its horizontal scroll of live tiles. Retrieved April 23, 2013. ^ Thurrott, Paul (April 24, 2013). "In Blue: Multi-PC App Uninstall". Hopefully this get developers more excited about making things for Windows 8.Extensive SkyDrive integration: Perhaps the biggest and best change in Windows 8.1 is extensive, all-inclusive SkyDrive integration.

Windows 10 Features

The high quality user interface imagery and the unique way they display content makes them intriguing. Retrieved February 21, 2015. ^ O'Neil, Jim (August 2, 2015). "Windows 8 Notifications: Overview". Windows 8.1 Features Windows 8.1 is a clear improvement over Windows 8 in virtually all aspects. This doesn't automatically store all your SkyDrive files locally—instead, you can open any SkyDrive-stored file right from this section when you're online, or right-click to save an offline version.

Previously, he has worked as Documentation Specialist in the software industry, a Technical Support Specialist in educational industry, and a Technical Journalist in the computer publishing industry. Windows 8 app developer blog. Retrieved February 23, 2015. ^ a b c d e f g "Modern Business in Mind: Windows 8.1 at TechEd 2013". Supersite for Windows.

You can still create custom libraries if you'd like. ^ Thurrott, Paul (June 26, 2013). "Hands-On with Windows 8.1: This PC". Retrieved June 27, 2013. ^ Thurrott, Paul (June 10, 2013). "Are Libraries Going Away in Windows 8.1?". The switch from one windows OS to the next has for the most part been seamless until windows 8 virtually seamless, but from 7 to 8 was like switching from windows Windows 8.1 brings back the Start button, but stops short of resurrecting the menu.

Overall, the entire search and All Apps view experience has been significantly rejigged to help out mouse-and-keyboard users.Snap Views and better multi-monitor: Some of the Modern/Metro UI apps look cool, but the September 13, 2011. Windows Dev Center.

If, while you have two apps on the screen, you open a third, that app will appear as a large thumbnail in the middle of the screen, as shown in Figure

Penton. Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows. Most people use the desktop or the taskbar to launch applications. Retrieved October 29, 2011. ^ "What happened to Software Explorer in Windows Defender?".

Having the even split makes it easier to simultaneously work in two apps. Microsoft. These legacy apps run on the desktop UI, but they’re the only legacy apps that can be installed. While Microsoft hasn't brought back the familiar Start menu (with its compact stack of applications, file folders and resources), it has given users and IT managers the ability to desktop-ify the

I don't know what people are complaining about. As always, if you have comments or information to share about this topic, please take a moment to drop by the TechRepublic Community Forums and let us hear from you. The new Windows 8.1 Start screen's more flexible tiles, which are easier to organize. Retrieved April 11, 2014. ^ "Windows Image File Boot (WIMBoot) Overview".

Retrieved February 23, 2015. ^ Savill, John (April 14, 2013). "Stop the Windows 8 Intro Animation for Users". You will have the option to boot directly to the desktop. Supersite for Windows. Supersite for Windows.

It does seem to belong there so maybe someone who can post there can do it. Microsoft is not the only tablet producer in the world. So Windows 7 is patched Vista. Retrieved March 6, 2015. ^ Mundhra, Ashish. "Understanding Windows 8 Notifications and How to Control Them".

BGR also points out other aesthetic additions, “Windows 8.1 will deliver more personalization options with more background colors and new animated wallpapers that move as you scroll through the Start screen, Penton Media. InfoWorld. Yes, she really does have USB earrings.

I have used Windows since 1995. Retrieved May 29, 2013. ^ "Hands-On with Windows 8.1: Internet Explorer 11". Penton Media. Retrieved February 14, 2015. ^ a b Thurrott, Paul (May 29, 2013). "Coming in Blue: Boot to Desktop, Start Button, and More!".

And in most cases, one app was on 1/4 of the screen and the other app was taking up the remaining 3/4.