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Why Is Everyone So Excited About Win 8 Release Version?

Just sign in, and you'll have access to everything (not unlike Chrome OS, which immediately loaded your themes and extensions when you logged in). With that said, read on for our hands-on impressions of Windows 8 on Samsung Series 7 touchscreen tablet. With metro Skype and Messaging like to have one huige app open this is totally inconvenient. Learn this shortcut. have a peek here

Firstly the second taskbar in Windows 8 is useless, you cannot pin items on it. One could argue that going to a different screen is no more time consuming that opening up a Start menu that overlays on top of the screen. What’s all the Excitement About? Whether you're selling your machine or just want a cleaner, faster installation of Windows, you can do it all in one click.

Traditional applications can even call back into the WinRT Metro framework if needed by simply referencing the proper namespace. After many years of seeing promises made and later broken in the technology world (think back to Longhorn for a fairly recent example), I’ve become a bit hardened and generally view It grows old in hours, I found myself hating my phone. Since I’m heavily invested in both HTML and XAML technologies this means that my existing skills transfer over without having to learn another language.

Budiu, the "usability expert," notes that "They will learn Windows 8, but won’t be able to forget Windows 7. Subscribe By signing up you agree to our terms of use. As promised by Microsoft, the "dated and cheesy" translucent Aero UI has finally been removed. I'll definitely buy W8 Tabs!

I happen to have two monitors and happen to like them landscape and vertically stacked. I know how to use both. http://www.facebook.com/PetruKing Petru Tiglar I still got windows 98 on my tablet :) and what the hell did he do with his face just as the screen turned on again! Windows 8 Pro is about the worst system Microsoft has ever made, and that includes Windows ME (codenamed: "Windows Multiple Errors").

You don't need to buy classic Windows applications via the app store!!!! Let me walk through some of these points in more detail starting with why I think the new Metro interface provides much needed simplicity for consumers. Computer Type PC/Desktop OS WINDOWS 8.1 x64 CPU INTEL CORE I--3770K LGA1155 Motherboard ASUS P8Z77-V Memory KINGSTON 2400 MHZ KHX24C11K4 16GB Graphics Card INTEL HD GRAFICS 4000 Monitor(s) Displays Philip BDL3245 Do you want or need those added options?

The Metro interface seems a knee-jerk reaction to the emergence of tablets, and forgets the lesson from WinCE; where they tried to put the Windows desktop view on small-screen devices. On page 1, it says to get a start menu alternative like the open source Classic Shell. What I would like to see, at minimum, would be a tiny "Start" screen icon in the bottom left of the task bar, to help me remember it's there. But it still doesn't seem at all suited for a desktop user.

There are reasons to force users to switch contexts, especially in the tablet or phone environment, where screen real-estate is a lot more expensive and a menu is forced to use Few software companies support their software on Beta versions of the OS, but if they do, they will only do so in the latest version. This will not fly. It's a "catastrophe," if you listen to…Read more Read more So Should You Upgrade?So now you know that Windows 8 isn't really as bad as everyone says it is.

And even if you discovered where to click, being able to correctly remember which menu goes with location on the screen will require a fair amount of practice and continuous usage. Budiu blows it far out of proportion, but only emphasizes the alleged time frame of cognitive transfer with a single sentence. In conclusion I agree with this article and find Windows 8 to reduce productivity in comparison to Windows 7 and more so Windows 7 and Actual Windows Manager. One interface doesn't suit all usage patterns.

There are a lot of new desktop features.Why It Isn't a Problem: Sure, the tiled interface is the biggest change in the new OS, but there are a lot of other At Microsoft they must be on crack. Just like in Windows 7 for the desktop, you can dock an app to one side of the screen while docking another app at the opposite side, which is a seriously

It's not a horrible unusable UI.

LAPTOP: The Windows 8 Switcher displays each Modern style app as its own thumbnail but folds all the desktop apps into a single thumbnail because it considers the desktop itself to be Yes, I put a shutdown Icon on my desktop but shouldn't have had to. The OS should be dull, unexciting, and just do the job of making sure the hardware can talk to the applications and vice versa.” Yurman’s plan is to bring Windows 10 Jeff My System Specs You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this ...

The idea of hiding the controls to give priority to content may make sense on mobile, where screen space is so limited, but it doesn’t make that much sense on a To be fair, it's bit awkward in the beginning because of new interface. The need to maintain the existing interface is pretty obvious. Win + typing starts a search - yes but whole desktop changes.

Is there a way to stop that and a way to stop the on screen keyboard to stop popping up????? who sees a subscription model looming for Windows 10, similar to what Microsoft offers with Office 365 for home and business. “The only advantage I see to having the subscription model They are aware that it will cause some negative reaction. At he same time it can help Microsoft to promote Win Phone 8 and to compete iOS/OSX ;) DecRainbow100a Says: November 25th, 2012 at 4:37 pm Prediction: Touch screen interface on