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Why Does Windows 8 Insist On A Microsoft A/c & Password


And it's not just Windows of course. Many thanks for any advice. Click the Next button when you are ready. I got to the website, please can't access my account. http://computersecurityadvice.com/why-does/why-does-windows-key-q-not-ever-find-anything.html

Again don`t attach it to the internet during the setup procedure. There are also clearer privacy options at setup. First, the email service provides your email address and hosts your inbox. It’s no wonder people get them mixed up.

Change Microsoft Password

and I can't even re-boot my computer after a complete shut-down without a magic PiN, it accepted 1234, which- for the moment - I can remember. The machine I am typing this on does not use an MS account and it works fine. What concerns me is: 1. But since these two services are so central to Windows 8.1, let's focus on them for now.

For image editing, that old standby, Paint, now takes on forward-looking new 3D capabilities. Fortunately I had created a local account so was able to log into that. other than the passwords being lost the prime diagnostic symptom was erratic system clock behaviour. Outlook I have Mike Duncan's Complete "The History of Rome" podcasts in one of them.

All rights reserved. Microsoft Account Login But in a way, I still prefer a separate app for book-reading. My PC isn't a mobile device so I don't need it treated like one. Furthermore, I can only hope that MS logs "only" the MS account status data and does not log further meta-data or, possibly on request of the NSA with access to an

Try again. Hotmail Figure C Enter password The next screen (Figure D) is where you'll choose your local account user name and password. For example, if you write "Wednesday," the text is turned to a blue link, and clicking this gives you the option to set a Cortana reminder. Register Forms FAQ Wikiposts Calendar Advertise Today's Posts Search Computer/Internet Issues & Troubleshooting Anyone with questions about the terribly complex world of computers or the internet should try here.

Microsoft Account Login

The time now is 07:47. Of course, Windows 8.1 isn't just the desktop environment. Change Microsoft Password Yup, I use it to write software for headless systems and thats about it. Microsoft Login A local account makes less and less sense with every year that goes by.

This includes Windows, macOS (Mac OS X), Linux, Apple iOS, Google Android and so on. What's more, the W3C is coming out with a Browser Extension standard, which Microsoft aims to support. Passwords are case sensitive and must have at least... That said, when setting up a W8.x computer/user I still set it up with a local account and then switch to a live (MS) account after the user files are created. Windows 10

Surely. (With a domain account, you're given the option to use that account as a Microsoft account, an option that is fraught with its own issues.) Here again, subtly, is a Photograph: Screengrab Computing Ask Jack Can I still use Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail? When you turn on Night Light in Settings, by default it's enabled from sunset to sunrise, but you can change it to hours you specify, or turn it on immediately. Check This Out Another new capability is Pick Up Where I Left Off, in which Cortana offers to resume all the activities from your last session, such as websites open and documents you're working

Login or register to post comments couldbebetter on Apr 9, 2014 I configured my new laptop (W8.1) with an MS account which by default becomes your admin user a/c. That's one of Microsofts biggest problems right now. It seems so unnecessary, that surely the purpose must be to collect user data.

Login or register to post comments Advertisement Nareed on Mar 2, 2014 I find it annoying to have to enter a password every time I start the PC.

Login or register to post comments jimporter on Jul 2, 2014 I fail to understand why Microsoft don't just give you the option of logging in with a local account and Although I was still signed in to my local account I found that for the first time after four days of being locked out of my admin account, I could now Either way I'm not interested. Save your changes and hit the back arrow.

Almost everybody uses email, so almost every major operating system comes with a usable email client. As to One Drive, who cares? One somewhat mysterious new app appeared on my Surface Book with Creators Update: Mixed Reality Portal. In Win 8.1 they will ONLY open in IE11.

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup If you really prefer to use a local account (like Windows 7) instead of a Microsoft account, then you could switch your LXDE, Xfce, KDE, Cinnamnon, MATE, Enlightenment......... 1st Apr 2014, 23:55 #17 (permalink) Andy_P Join Date: Nov 2013 Location: Oz Posts: 243 Quote: Andy, you do realise you can Neither does it require a password as a PIN or an image can be used. older computers that lost settings like passwords often needed the system backup battery replaced.

Still, the app isn't as powerful as the Office 365 desktop version, though I must admit that it's now good enough to be my everyday work email client. I can access the laptop via a guest account but that doesn't allow me to update a flash player etc as once again, you need the password. If yours has broken, you will get Server error 3219 and Windows Live Mail error 0x8DE00005, and you will be unable to send or receive messages. A native New Yorker, he has at various times headed up PC Magazine’s coverage of Web development, enterprise software, and display technologies.

Microsoft is going to insist on it. Apple sticks with Steve Job's edict that touch screens don't make sense on laptops and desktops, but a touch screen is the most intuitive interface type possible. If I sign in using my Outlook, then my OneDrive default would be my Outlook. Today google is doing quite well in that way, same as Facebook and even twitter.

You can keep up with the list on the Xbox Play Anywhere page. Fact is W8.x is integrated with the cloud to make all the features it provides available. On another tack Ubuntu 13.x with its internet search results; located in the seach results pop up page is a non starter for New-Bees too. Unlike most browsers' extensions, Edge's appear by default in the overflow menu rather than next to the address bar, but you can add their icons to the toolbar with a Settings

Unlike Siri or Google Now, Cortana lets you specify exactly what the assistant knows about you—interests, important people, locations—and you choose whether to have her respond to your spoken "Hey Cortana," You can find out whether your system is up to snuff by reading Can My PC Run Windows 10? Well, it should be easy if they both had the same name, right? So the "integrated" web+PC search is completely pointless, and I've yet to hear an example of when it might be useful to search both the PC and the web.

I use Firefox to browse the web, for the most part. Its windowing prowess remains unmatched, letting you easily show the desktop and snap windows to the sides and corner quadrants of the screen.