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Where Can I Purchase Recovery Discs For My HP C15-D020CA Lap.

I have had the PC for just under a week and did'nt have the proper DVD (it takes two) to make the recovery discs. When I tried to install windows before I had the actual HP discs, I had the same problem, restarting on the blue windows setup. Your my only hope. I'm worried that If I install Windows 7 some Asus specefic files will be deleted and once August 1 rolls around I won't be able to re-install vista.

A:Backups and Recovery Discs https://forums.techguy.org/threads/backups-and-recovery-discs.550247/ Relevancy 53.75% Q: Cant reformat with recovery discs! Thanks for any info you can provide, greatly appreciated !! Then no matter what your problem you can use the image and be as good as newhttp://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx The recovery disc link that I have given you will allow you to boot It is backed up with another drive once a month which is stored in Dubai (Incremental of course).

I tried doing the factory restore but that corrupted partway through and now it just keeps restarting to the HP screen. How can I get past this? A:Windows XP - No recovery Discs https://forums.techguy.org/threads/windows-xp-no-recovery-discs.733765/ Relevancy 53.75% Q: Help with making PC recovery Discs I am trying to make PC recovery discs of my HP Compaq computer with Windows

After a lot of trial and error and too many late nights, It now has a blank c drive (no system. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation Sorry, the page you requested couldn't be found. A:Create Recovery Discs There should be a recovery partition on your disk. Is there a way to copy the factory state without using the wizard?I just hope I haven't waited to long to make the discs.

After some research I found there is a sequence I must follow, but am not sure the content of the discs because they are kinda vague to a novice like myself. A few days ago I was running Windows XP home SP2 on my one year old laptop. Issue#39159: Lenovo - Lenovo Ideapad A10 Android Laptop/Tablet Recovery Problem Hi guys,I have my Lenovo Ideapad A10 Android Laptop/Tablet.The device here:http://shop.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/lenovo/a-series/a10/Virus has infected my tablet and virus has infected in tablet From what you have stated, it would seem that you were unable to complete the process of creating a recovery disk set.I highly recommend that you requestHP recovery flashdrive media instead

I'm unable to delete it from the HDD due to it not being visible in the... The sony site is of no help. It turns off, turns back on. When connecting the USB Type C -> Displayport cable from my laptop to my external monitor, I get all kinds of flickering, flashing, screen tearing, and snow on the monitor.

Issue#239838: Sony - I have a sony Vaio VGN-FW510F laptop. In fact, the amazon downloader .exe ran fine, and when I run wine on the installer, it also pops up fine... i had to replace the hard drive when the old one died. Now my XP has turned into vista and I don't want it that way.

Where can I get (or download) the android firmware for these tablets.question-2:I want to install windows8 on the ideapad A10. Looks like it's causing me issues to recover the rest. A:recovery discs Recovery disks don't include any updates you installed, but just the plain OS from factory to re-install.so, if you need to have a disk with all the updates, the Can you order new ones?

I boot from the recovery DVD, I get the HP symbol on the screen as the DVD spins... Completely skipped disc #2. I am pretty clear about the procedure and I have already made a backup of my documents, pictures and music on a USB external harddrive. A:Help with making PC recovery Discs https://forums.techguy.org/threads/help-with-making-pc-recovery-discs.769599/ Relevancy 53.75% Q: Create Recovery Discs I am wondering how to create my own recovery discs because my OEM (ASUS) does not provide any.

i made the stupid mistake of formatting my hardrive without making a recovery disc so can anyone help me.....btw i checked the website and they dont sell em anymore so thanks You will have to figure out how to get all that in your new disk image. Please help restoring my Windows XP media center edition!

My question is what other info is required and will I need to do a product activation process ?

Where can I purchase recovery discs in Canada please? Hello, I'm using an Asus G50v, and can't wait to try out Windows 7, but I'm a little worried about recovering Vista afterwards. Is using the system recovery disks equivalent to a hard drive format? Even if it seems like everything went well your new install might seem 'buggy' (even for Windows).

It turned out my installation failed (I didn't hvae the original discs on me, in fact I never got any), and had to buy a new set of recovery discs from After taking it to Best Buy they said they could not fix it. I would like to get a refund so that I may purchase the game at the steam price. http://www.vistax64.com/general-discussion/177871-recovery-discs.html Relevancy 54.61% Q: trying to use HP recovery discs I bought recovery discs from HP and want to do recovery with them but when I go to f9 or any

Log for applications3.Checking MEMDUMP_BBV.Log for memory dump files.Note{ for ODM }:-If you know which component failed in prenistall process after checking above files please OTS it to the component owner.Otherwise, suggested Does that mean you don't know how?