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Win 8.1 - Metro Apps Scaling Oddly On Monitors Of Same Res


The Windows Ribbon has similar functionality, but that's about it, as far as I can tell. (And the Windows Ribbon is so visually unappealing that I can't blame developers for using pusher robot Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Dec 6, 2010Posts: 2083 Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 6:31 pm AngryChris wrote:Number_One_Fandroid wrote:Quote:OSX does a great job with high PPI displays.Great, but Apple makes Quick Primer You can read all about the historical details online, but suffice to say Windows has recently made some changes to better handle this type of display setup. Until that changes, Microsoft is going to fight an uphill battle. this contact form

Bring up the Charms BarClick SettingsClick Change PC SettingsGo to PC and DevicesGo to DisplaySet "Change the size of apps on the displays that can support it to "Smaller". jonjohanessyburgWednesday, 15 January 2014 12:17:53 UTCFinally someone brings up this issue... Stumbled when I read 'pixel in site'. I'm constantly running into scaling issues, multi-monitor issues, and more.

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Reply danielgr says: March 21, 2012 at 7:13 pm All this is certainly welcome, and I can't wait to get a Win8 slate or similar, but then again, you could also Depending on the program, though, this may be fixable. MarkSunday, 13 April 2014 12:55:41 UTCHi.I want to use wireless mouse as tracker for displaying of robots motion track (2-5 meters) on my PC screen (in Paintbrush ).HOW TO SCALE THE

See: http://clarkvision.com/articles/eye-resolution.html.Also, there is the fact that you can move your face closer to the screen to look at something small. The article was talking about apps that signal that they totally support HiDPI, trust us, don't scale anything - and then totally screw it all up: have the UI mixed up, This may seem counter-intuitive given our experience in Windows every day. Remote Desktop Scaling Windows 10 Will the task bar upscale to 140% or 180%?

Good luck clicking on any of the controls!I'm using a Dell XPS 15 with the 3200x1800 display. Remote Desktop Resolution Too Small Windows 10 But my concern is that multi-tasking on a desktop computer is going to suffer. In fact, the first version of Windows supported "tiled" Windows and it was not until Windows 2.0 that overlapping windows were supported. What I believe is normal operation: The Start Screen is on the left monitor Win...

Should I Upgrade?Why Does Everyone Hate Windows 8? Surface Pro 4 Remote Desktop Too Small Applications were supposed to poll the OS for the current DPI setting and act accordingly, but the vast majority simply ignored that guideline because until 3 years ago there simply weren't Oh and then you think you have it good then you go and remote desktop into another machine and is tiny again.Karl prosserWednesday, 15 January 2014 19:47:15 UTCI recently got a Frustrating, because at 100% I couldn't read any of the other text, which meant that if I wanted to play the game I basically had to navigate by icon and give

Remote Desktop Resolution Too Small Windows 10

And there will be the same issue with RDP.If applications from Microsoft itself don't work, what chance do the rest of us have?Iain ClarkeFriday, 17 January 2014 13:58:02 UTCGreat article, just Also, developers might target the least common denominator and pick the lowest possible resolution, which in turn would be detrimental to the user experience and quality of the apps. Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection Manager Some app's end up with a slightly blurry look to them because they are being scaled (If the app does not have built in retina display support), but its better than Remote Desktop Change Font Size Tablets aren't just glorified movie-watching machines.

I'm using the extended desktop mode with the toolbar only showing on the left monitor. Can't for the life of me find details about the different approaches via search. Including some that are generally in the range of the new iPad. For example, a computer plugged into an HDTV should have a much higher scaling (bigger content) than a 1080p monitor (more content). Remote Desktop Dpi Scaling

They don't support high-DPI. benjaminwootton 1178 days ago I had the same question. Although the width of a snapped app remains fixed, the vertical space increases to fit the screen, so on larger screens you won’t have to scroll as much. I'm hoping this one gets solved, but I haven't seen it called out anywhere yet. Unlike previous releases, you won’t need to do any work to make your apps DPI-aware; there are frameworks in place to scale the app for you.

Apple's fix gave consistent, reliable results. Touche 1177 days ago Not very well. Windows 10 Dpi Scaling Multiple Monitors Microsoft's own software displays blurry icons and it's listed as a "best case."Apple also pushed Intel very hard on driver support for their integrated graphics. Except.

And if they had not completely ignored high density screens until apple forced their hand the situation would be much better.

Design by @jzy Hacker News new | comments | show | ask | jobs | submit login Living a High-DPI desktop lifestyle can be painful on Windows (hanselman.com) 188 points Finally, CSS3 multi-column layout can be used to arrange content into multiple columns on the page, similar to the layout of a newspaper or magazine. Microsoft isn't interested in that niche, they want 90% of the market.Sure, if it were trivial to support high PPI displays, then it would make sense for 3rd party devs to Jump Desktop Any images exported as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) or XAML art will scale without getting blurry.

Not just between different applications but different contexts between working in bootcamp, or beware fusion with its few different relevant options then going into unity mode. Secondly you could put emphasis on high dpi displays or completely ignore them until a competitor is showing you up. along with the usual wifi strength, battery remaining, volume level. The operating system can tell the application it's running at one resolution and then it knows the display is running at a different resolution, why can't it "do the math" and